WhereAbout Social Team
Logino Dujardin Co-founder & Strategic Advisor. In the cryptomarket since 2016. Worked for Safe Haven as CEO for about 4 years, Safe Haven was the first Dapp on VeChain. Founder MoonLift Capital, Venture Capital and Incubator on Binance Smart Chain. Logino co-founded WhereAbout in 2018.
Richard Paas In the space since 2016. Worked as Business & Growth Europe for VeChain exchange OceanEx. Head of Business Development at OceanEx in a later stadium. Advisor for JUR, KALLY, PYR, iAI, WorkX, BLH, Black Lemon.
Christiaan Jimminck Business Development in the Netherlands. Worked for Bitcoinmeester, a Dutch broker since 2017. Is now working for WhereAbout as Global Growth and Expansion.
Ronald Bullens Business Expansion & Marketing, previous LTO Network and Marketing Manager for Verge.
Stijn Doom Co-founder WhereAbout. In the space since 2020, worked previously as CFO in the logistics. Joined WhereAbout as shareholder. Givano Verstraete
Co-founder WhereAbout, started as Sales Account Manager Europe for WhereAbout in 2018. Is still holding the shareholder and founder position as of today within the company. Yogesh Kumar Front End Developer from India. Joined the WhereAbout Team this year.
Parveen Sharma Senior Art Director from India. Over 10 years of experience in the industry. Worked for brands like HP, Microsoft, American Express, Monster, Eats, IBM
Thomas Ambrosia
Business Development US. Thomas is in the space since 2016. Worked previously for several exchanges as BD and for Safe Haven as BD. Thomas joined Logino from Safe Haven to WhereAbout.
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